ALTECHS drilling services are extensive and consist of various direct push drills and larger environmental/geotech rotary systems‎.

The direct push drills are:

  • Geoprobe® 6610DT
  • Geoprobe® 6620DT
  • Geoprobe® 7822DT

A variety of direct push tool systems are owned in house‎ or readily available (Macro core samplers, dual tube casing, screen point samplers, hollow and solid stem augers).

The larger environmental/geotech drill systems are‎:

  • Truck mounted Diedrich D-120
  • Track mounted Diedrich D-120

Numerous tooling systems are available for both overburden and bedrock study. These include split spoon samplers, Shelby samplers, hollow and solid stem augers and various wireline core systems (NQ,HQ, PQ). Bedrock operations can be completed using air or water to advance boreholes or set casing.

Other - ALTECH Has access to a variety of excavation and large bore machines for test pit completion or landfill study purposes.

Each drill system is accompanied with a high pressure/low volume hot water wash system to ensure tool decontamination between study locations and prior to project completion.