ALTECH Drilling & Investigative Services Ltd (ALTECH) was incorporated in 2004 providing environmental and geotechnical services to local consultants and ‎municipalities. Today ALTECH offers an array of enviromental/geotechnical remedial and investigate services; including in-situ injection of amendments to treat soil and groundwater, landfill gas monitors and collectors (large diameter), and excavation services (test pits). ALTECH has completed successfull projects across Canada and has access to an array of sub surface drilling and excavation equipment.

FACT: Did you know that Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) can be completed using the Geoprobe® direct push drills when the drill is outfitted with an auto-hammer? Also the split spoons can be advanced using a Dual Tube (DT) flush joint casing and a special drive shoe! This approach eliminates auger use and completes the bore with less wastes, less decon, and faster/more time efficiency.

FACT: ALTECH has completed a focused study where the groundwater sampling results from a direct push grab sample (Screen Point Tool) were compared to a permanent monitoring well samples. This study showed that the results are very similar. Screen point sampling is fast, no waste cuttings, inexpensive and leaves no instrumentation behind. This information was presented in an Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine article (January 2007).