Services offered by ALTECH include:

  • Environmental sampling and monitoring wells, extraction wells (micro to large diameter installs)
  • Geotechnical drilling (SPT, Cone, Shelby Tube, Vein)
  • In-situ groundwater sampling (screen-point sampler)
  • Continuous and discrete soil sampling (MacroCore/split-spoon systems)
  • Well installations using the 4.25-inch or 8.25-inch inside diameter hollow stem augers (HSA)
  • 1-inch diameter well installations using the Dual Tube system
  • PQ soil coring
  • Mud and wash rotary capabilities
  • Waterwell services
  • Bedrock coring, reaming, and packer testing capabilities
  • Sparge well and injection well installations for remedial purposes (chemox or biostimulants), ALTECH holds a MOECC-MOBILE Certificate of Approval (AIR) for remedial injections works
  • In-situ pressure injection through probing tools
  • Well abandonment (in accordance with MOECC Reg. 903)
  • Landfill gas well installation (4-inch to 36-inch diameter)
  • Concrete coring
  • Well development (airlift, jetting)

ALTECH holds a MOECC Contractor License (#7282), and staff currently hold Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Well Technician Licenses.

Bedrock Coring Program- Aggregate Study in Acton, Ontario
D-120 Track Diedrich Drill (December 2010)
Overburden Monitoring Well Program – Due Diligence Study of Mine Tailings
Buchans , Newfoundland
D-120 Truck Diedrich Drill (August 2008)